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Frank Zajac

Frank ZajacFrank Zajac started in the building industry as a teenager, working summers for his builder/developer father. He continued his career with 11 years of work for his Dad's company, Hines Corporation of Albuquerque, New Mexico. During that time he learned all phases of construction, from site development to home building and commercial construction. Frank then started his own company, SHCo. General Contractor, which he ran for ten years in New Mexico. SHCo. projects included construction of custom homes, sports clubs, commercial tenant remodeling, and subdivisions of 20 to 46 homes.

Seeking a quieter place to raise their son as he entered school, Frank and Marian made Maui their home in 1998. Frank spent his first year on Maui learning tropical style building through remodeling of his own home and working for a local builder. From there, he started remodeling work as Aloha Remodeling, eventually expanding to become Aloha Remodeling and Construction Inc.

An integral part of Frank & Marian's life is giving back to the community. Frank has been involved with local projects such as Habitat for Humanity and Teens on Call. His efforts have stretched to less fortunate regions in projects such as remodeling the pediatric emergency center at the San Juan de Dios public hospital in Guatemala City and support of Guatemala's Pediatric Association.

Marian Zajac

Marian ZajacMarian Zajac's interest in crafting a quality product began with studying and working as a jewelry designer and goldsmith in 1978. Utilizing her attention to fine detail, she started a second career in computer-assisted architectural drafting in 1995.

Marian is intrigued with how homes are constructed and function and enjoys assisting clients in refining their home designs to best fit their needs.

Marian's computer-assisted drafting (CAD) enables economical production of accurate, builder-friendly construction plans for Aloha Remodeling and other contractors.

Marian utilizes local licensed architects and engineers for structural oversight and permitting as needed.

Marian shows her love for Maui as a member of the Haiku Living Legacy Project.

Frank & Marian are very involved in the Maui outrigger paddling community and are board members and help organize the Maui Paddling Hui outrigger canoe race series.

Marian & Frank Zajac with their son, Luis
Marian & Frank Zajac with their son, Luis
Marian Zajac paddling
Marian Zajac paddling